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2009 NBA Mock Draft – V1.0

You didn’t really think there would be a blog without it’s own Mock Draft…did you?

Just the Lottery picks for now.

#1 LA Clippers – Blake Griffin

This one is pretty simple.  You can’t pass up the clear-cut best player in the draft.  Although the Texans showed us that it’s possible by taking Mario Williams over Reggie Bush…it’s highly unlikely here.  Griffin gives the Clips some talented size which they are sorely lacking.  They could plug him in at the 4 very early.

#2 Memphis Grizzlies – Haseehm Thabeet

I know…most have Rubio going here but I just don’t see Memphis passing up Thabeet.  Who doesn’t love size in the middle?  Gasol is still developing and has potential.  Milicic was unfortunately written off long ago as having any potential left.  Thabeet gives them more of what they need right now.  Why draft Rubio here when you have Conley, Mayo and Gay?  It’s their 5 spot that needs the most help.

#3 Oklahoma City Thunder – Ricky Rubio

I think the Thunder would rather have Thabeet, but they really can’t go wrong here.  Westbrook had a solid rookie season and will only get better.  Rubio has great potential.  I watched a little of his tape.  The only question is, as it always is, can he tap into it?  A Westbrook and Rubio backcourt wouldn’t look so bad.  Small, but dangerous.

#4 Sacramento Kings – Jordan Hill

The Kings could go Harden here but to me they need frontcourt help.  Hill averaged a double-double last season along with 1.7 blocks.  Spencer Hawes should continue to be a solid 5 and I don’t see the need for another 2 when you have Martin, McCants and Garcia.

#5 Washington Wizards – James Harden

Harden or Evans?  Harden gets the nod.  Although he’s smaller, Harden is a better all around player.  They could use some frontcourt help but at this point you have to take what’s available.

#6 Minnesota Timberwolves – Johnny Flynn

Surprised?  I think PG is where the Wolves need the most help.  Flynn has proven to us all that he can not only score, but perform well under pressure.  Not to mention his leadership skills he acquired while at Syracuse by acting the role and teaming with Devendorf.  Jrue Holiday might be higher on Ford’s Big Board, but Flynn is a much safer choice.

#7 Golden State Warriors – Tyreke Evans

Big 2 that has proven he can play.  His numbers were pretty solid his Freshman year and the Warriors just won’t be able to pass him up.  Maybe they address their frontcourt in the offseason.

#8 New York Knicks – DeMar DeRozan

I’m still not sure how the Knicks had such a terrible season last year.  They’ve got a pretty solid team.  Regardless, DeRozan looks like a good choice here.  If he ends up as good as they claim he could be, the Knicks will finally look…smart!

#9 Toronto Raptors – Stephen Curry

Another team better than their record.  I just don’t see how they can pass up on Curry.  They could take Holiday here too to have a gnat coming off the bench that opposing players may not want to see.

#10 Milwaukee Bucks – Jrue Holiday

Tough one to figure out here.  The Bucks could go 4 here with DeJuan Blair.

#11 New Jersey Nets – James Johnson

The Nets need a big man!  Not 6’6 Blair either.

#12 Charlotte Bobcats – Gerald Henderson

They’re coming along.  They don’t need a 1 with Felton and Augustin.  They certainly don’t need a 3.  Diaw is a solid 4 and Okafor a solid 5.  That leaves the 2!  Henderson looked like a man among boys at points last season.  Had he stayed another year, he could have potentially been a Top 5 in next years draft.

#13 Indiana Pacers – Brandon Jennings

Why not?  Jack isn’t bad but this youngster is hard to pass up.

#14 Phoenix Suns – Earl Clark

I really considered a reach here with Hansbrough.  This is only version #1 so maybe that will change.  The Suns need a 4…bad!  Clark though, is a 6’9 tweener.



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