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I guarantee Mo Williams is not a Prophet.

Here’s the funny thing about the guarantee in sports…If what you guarantee turns out to be true, you hear little about it afterward.  However, if your guarantee does not come to fruition, well then you likely never hear the end of it.

You know Mo, had you made the guarantee when you were playing the Pistons or the Hawks, you would have looked good.  Or should I say, you wouldn’t have looked bad.  I know some of you are thinking Patrick Ewing and Game 7 of the Magic and Celtics series, but whatever, this is my post.  Like I said…when your guarantee turns out to be true, you hear little about it.

Moving on to something that some people (especially Cavs fans) have seem to forgotten.  I’ve been hearing a lot of talk about how the Cavs are going to come out firing tonight in Game 5.  Their backs are against the wall facing elimination and they’re on their home court.  While I do agree with all that, lets take a look at it from the Magic point of view.

The Magic come into this game riding two home court wins to the team with the best regular season record.  Up 3-1 in a series where most had them only winning a game or two.  Now the teams are in Cleveland preparing for an elimination game.  Who’da thunk it?  The Magic have got to be saying to themselves “We have the chance to knock out the best regular season team in 5 games and on their home court where they lost 3 games all year including the playoffs.”  Not to mention the Cavs were 8-0 coming into this series and picked by many to win the Championship.

Think about all that for a second.  If you were on the Magic roster, what would be going through your head?  What would you be your goal for the night?  So lets not pretend that the Cavs have all the momentum or that they are the only ones playing for something tonight.  It’s do or die for the Cavs.  They certainly have the most pressure.

Sad thing about this post is…you’ll hear little about it because my guarantee will come to fruition.

I find it sad that I get excited about the possibility that my french fries from McDonalds could be fresh and hot right out of the fryer.  Today, they were.  I was stoked.  Unfortunately, as I got about 5 deep into my package of fries I realized that they put more salt on them than my Grandmother did on the slugs in her driveway.  What a letdown…I didn’t watch Game 5 of the Lakers/Nuggets last night.  But I have a logical excuse.  I was up all night Tuesday night watching the post game conferences and such.  I didn’t go to bed until roughly 1am and had to get up at 530am.  My sleep deprevation of the Magic/Cavs series was caught up at the expense of the Lakers and Nuggets.  Rested and ready for tonight though.



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