Today’s not so “Magic” number: 29.9%

Unfortunately, my irl job has gotten a little hectic but, I didn’t want anyone thinking that I wasn’t going to write anything just because of that shameful loss last night.  So I’ll say a few things…

1. John Barry…I don’t like you.

2. The Lakers bigs did not give Howard as much problems as they suggested during the broadcast.  Yes they gave him some, the 1/6 shooting proves that.  But he aslo got to the line 10 times I believe.  The Magic didn’t look to Howard as much as they have been so far throughout the Playoffs.  Did we already forget what he did in Game 6 of the Cavs series?

3. The Lakers didn’t play great D.  Give me a freaking break.  The Magic had plenty of open looks.  The ball just wasn’t falling.  Worst shooting performance of the season, and we saved it for Game 1 of the Finals.  I’m striking it up to first game jitters.

In conclusion…John Barry, shut your mouth.  Don’t expect Orlando to continue to shoot that poorly.  Hopefully I’ll have time today to do a WhatIf on Game 2.  At least just the score and stats.


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