Lebron storms off court…

Not cool.  I understand you’re upset, possibly embarrassed after all the hype and naturally disappointed.  I don’t think it’s as validated as he claims it to be.  He said he doesn’t see the need in congratulating a team that just ended his season.  I’ll tell you why you do Lebron…a little thing most of us in sports call “sportsmanship”.  Storming off the court is one thing, but then to tell the media you don’t see the need in congratulating the other team at that time is completely unsportsmanlike.

I’m with Team Lebron in the whole, Lebron vs. Kobe thing.  His comments took a shot at my respect level for him though.  I expect more from him.  Maybe that’s my problem for having high expectations but, I think someone of his stature should step it up.  Be a man.  Accept defeat.  It’s a natural part of life and certainly a natural part of sports.  You win some, you lose some.  Learn from it and better yourself and your team in preparation for next season.


I just read a column Bill Simmons wrote on the refereeing that has plagued our 2009 NBA playoffs.  He makes some very good points.  We’ve all complained about the ref’ing going on at some point or another this year.  Even I have and I try my best not to blame the officials but dude…come on!  Garbage fouls and no-calls I can handle early on in the game but, when it’s crunch time let the boys play!  I once heard somebody say that basketball is not meant to be a physical sport.  Blasphemy!  Basketball is a contact sport, period!  Obviously it’s not the same as hockey or football but, that doesn’t make it a non-contact sport.  It’s time for Mr Stern to tighten the reins on the Refs instead of the players.

Bring it L.A.

If you think this matchup isn’t going to be as good (possibly even better) than the Kobe/Lebron matchup Nike so desperately wanted…you’re insane.  Orlando matches up better with the better teams and poses more problems for those teams when trying to match up against them.  Not to take anything away from L.A. because they are clearly the best team in the West.  As I said before the Cleveland series, the Magic went 2-1 against the Cavs in the regular season with their only defeat being a narrow one in Cleveland.  So I’m going to sate the obvious again…Orlando was 2-0 against L.A. in the regular season.  I don’t care who led Orlando in scoring in those two games (Nelson) because our role players have stepped it up all season and playoffs long.  I don’t think Nelson should come back though.  We’ll need him at 110% next year.  Point is, don’t be surprised to see Orlando make it a fight.  You probably didn’t think they would end Cleveland’s season in 6, did you?  Learn from that series…



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2 responses to “Lebron storms off court…

  1. jay mcgookey

    There is nothing wrong with lebron walking off the court if you had any clue at all you would have seen the orlando bench taunting lebron and even leading the crowd in a cheer mvp ha ha ha. Lebron is the poster child for the nba and i dont blame him a bit for walking off the court. Maybe orlando could show some class lebron has showed enuff throughout the year. As for orlando / lakers match up is better all i can say is watch the ratings it will be in the top 3 of worst ever.

  2. semineer

    Jay, it’s poor sportsmanship. Period. Let’s not pretend that taunting doesn’t happen in every single game played in the NBA. It’s a part of the game. Sometimes you have to accept defeat…The Magic/Lakers will be rated on of the worst 3 ever? I’ll take that bet.

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